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This is the diary of our ethical fashion journey experience in Myanmar. We hope you enjoy these stories.

An Ethical Fashion Industry for the Future

Have you thought about the journey of the clothes that you wear? Who made them, where were they made, and was the process kind to the environment?

Virya’s Strive for conscience fashion in Myanmar – Episode 2

While it is true that Arakan is increasingly becoming a symbol of negative vibe - conflict, violence, poverty, there are some aspects of life which are lovely. We wanted to search for some positive energy in Rakhine in relation to our own field – fashion and styling.

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Virya’s Strive for Conscious Fashion in Myanmar – Episode 1

As Virya is planning a ready to wear line for the coming months, our team had traveled to areas where the exotic fabrics are woven with passion by local women. Here is our first photo tale in this episode.

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A journey towards achieving ethical fashion in Myanmar

Virya turns one year in October 2017 and this is a documentary of our anniversary. The focus of the video is on the training that we provide for young women in Myanmar.

Made in Myanmar: designers put ethical twist on local fashion

Our lead designer Pyone was featured by a reknowned global news agency AFP, "...with Myanmar emerging as a manufacturing hub for mass-produced clothes, a crop of young designers are using home-grown fashion to preserve the country's sartorial heritage and reshape the sweatshop model..."